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Travel Vaccinations

  • Travel clinics are held fortnightly at the surgery, on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon.
  • You should ideally book an appointment at least 2 months before you travel for the vaccinations to be fully effective
  • Allow 20 minutes per person for your appointment.
  • For family bookings, you will need to allow for 20 minutes per adult and 10 minutes per child.
  • The following vaccinations are given free by the surgery: Hepatitis A, Typhoid, DTP (Diptheria, Tetanus & Polio) and Cholera.
  • For Hepatitis B, the surgery charges £138.38 per course of 3 injections.
  • For Rabies and Malaria, you will be issued with a private prescription which you will then take to the pharmacy for dispensing.
  • For the Yellow Fever vaccine, you will need to attend a specialised travel clinic.

For information on travel vaccinations and what is required for different countries and regions, click on the link: http://travelhealthpro.org.uk/country-information/

NHS Choices is another good source of information.

Some travel vaccinations are not available on the NHS and therefore have to be ordered on a private prescription so these will incur a fee.